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Innovative medical research opens a multitude of opportunities and thus a hope for a better life. A combination of experienced scientists with organisations operating in biomedicine is a green light for innovative solutions – we are active in the process.

We are specialised in supporting the development of technological projects and R&D work in the area of biomedicine. The result is the implementation of new products, medicinal products and medicines. We create links between scientists holding appropriate know-how with business entities interested in providing financing – scientific and industrial consortia are possible at regional, national and international level.

We are actively involved in cooperation between planning organisations and those that are involved in clinical studies. We oversee legal aspects and regulations relating to the initiation and management of clinical study projects that are so important in today’s world. They are carried out in order to ensure safety and effectiveness of medicinal products, therapies and methods to prevent sicknesses.

Our strength is based on cooperation with institutions that boast qualified staff, modern equipment, experience, know-how as well as potential and eagerness to create. The projects pursued by those entities are compliant with high ethical standards and international standards that they have been following. In our opinion, it is the patient and their rights that come first and that is why we act in compliance with Good Clinical Practices. Our intention to effectively stop illnesses or mitigate the ailments make us willing to face new challenges no matter how difficult they may prove.